HomeBank history

A long time ago in our galaxy not far, far away....

Here a dechronological age of HomeBank main milestone

Cross platform age

Feb, 2015

v5.0, migrated to GTK+ 3.x

May, 2008

v3.8, HomeBank gets available natively for Microsoft Windows.

Aug, 2007

v3.4, HomeBank gets available for Mac OS via macport.

Sep, 2006

v3.2, the 1st GNU/Linux after 2 alpha version released since June.

Amiga age

May, 2004

v3.0, and HomeBank move to a Freeware license.
I also start a complete rewrite for GNU/Linux using C and GTK+.

Oct, 1999

I buy my 1st x86 based computer.

Jan, 2nd 1998

v1.0, the fist Amiga computer public release under Shareware license.


Mar, 1995

I seek for an Amiga software to replace my amigabasic tiny accounting application. Founding nothing, I start to code something in C for my personal needs trying not to get inspired by anything else. I will then implement private functionalities for almost 3 years.

Mar, 1994

Owning an Amiga 1200


Owning an Amiga 500, I ported my console app to AmigaBasic

Amstrad age


Owning an Amstrad CPC6128, I coded a small BASIC application in console mode to manage my pocket money