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HomeBank is free software available for free, designed, developed and maintained by Maxime DOYEN for more than 26 years now, in his spare time. It is made with ☮ and ♥ in France with the aim of being useful to all people around the world.

Your donation, optional but greatly appreciated, is intended to support the many hours of development and management of the project, past and future. If you like and uses the software, please consider donating.

You will be redirected to the secure website of well known payment service to finalize your donation. Finally, as a guidance, a small recurring donation is preferred to a one-time donation, and a minimum amount of 2€ / 2$ per month is suggested.


Liberapay is a platform run by a non-profit organization allowing recurrent crowdfunding (subscription based), with moderate fees. Creating an account is required. See Liberapay Wikipedia’s page.

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PayPal is a platform run by a profit organization, and apply sometimes pretty high fees. It is not necessary to create a PayPal account to donate. Credit card donations are also accepted via this route. See PayPal Wikipedia’s page.

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Please note that:

  • you can donate also via paypal to homebank email
  • donation are anonymous (there is no public donators page or list)
  • donations are not tax-deductible for income tax purposes