import_export Import & Export data

  • Import from many formats: Easily import your accounts from Quicken or Microsoft Money, and many other financial management programs. Supported file formats includes QIF, OFX, QFX, and CSV.
  • Duplicate detection: HomeBank will detect and identify the duplicate transactions and will enables you to choose what to do.
  • Export: Easily export your accounts to QIF format, and various datas parts to CSV format.

account_balance Accounts

  • Account types : Bank, Cash, Asset, Credit card, Liability, your accounts can be assigned to a type and will be grouped into the account summary.
  • Cheque increment : Set cheque numbers for 2 pad of cheque and HomeBank will automatically manage the increment during the transaction add.
  • Account details : Set an initial and minimum balance, store your account number and bank name for reference.

article Transactions

  • Scheduled transactions: Easily turn any transaction into a repeating event (like those darn utility bills!).
  • Category split: Split the amount of a transaction into several categories.
  • Internal transfer: Easily transfer money between accounts which can be automated.
  • Quick seizure: Quickly transform any transaction to a template that simplify the seizure of common transactions, or inherit from an existaing transaction.
  • Multiple field edition: You can easily change every values for several transaction at once.
  • Small icons: Enjoy the icons for payment mode and transaction status, plus the additional paymode field.
  • Tag field: Tag your transactions for another analysis axis.
  • Remind this: Put any transaction in a remind state to keep an eye on debt you have or people have to you.

analytics Analysis tools

  • Dynamic reports: Various reports will deliver the information you need at your fingertips using dynamic powerfull reports with nice 2d charts.
  • Quick & easy: Easily adjust the report parameters with some presets, or get more fine results with filtering by every transaction fields.
  • Various reports: Repartition or time reports, you will find one to analyse what your are lookig for. Also track the budget, or check the balance for any overdrawn, even knows your vehicle costs and fuel consumption.
  • Beautiful charts: The charts available are bars, lines and pie. The design was inspired from google analytics and you can change the x-factor dynamically and also the color scheme.

savings Budget

  • Month / Annual budget: Set a budget to each categories with same amount or different amount per month.
  • View non-budget: Force the view of some categories into the budget report as well.
  • Import/Export: Import/export the budget into CSV files.

category person Categories & Payees

  • Automatic assignment: Define some rules and HomeBank will assign payees and/or categories for you.
  • Direct add: Add new categories and payees directly from the transaction register.
  • Auto-completion: Never get lost if you have thousand of payees or categories, HomeBank will find it with the first letters.

more_horiz Other features

  • Euro minor: You can setup a minor currency and switch the display into it at a glance.
  • Portability: The account data file is a simple XML format file. Store all of your account data in a single data file for easy backup or transfer.
  • Nice interface: Track your finances in style!
  • Multiple windows: HomeBank has the ability to compare multiple different sets of data together because of its multiple window design. So you can easily compare accounts, reports the way you want.