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Scheduled/Template transactions dialog

The Scheduled/Template transactions dialog is used to add, edit and manage the scheduled / template of the current wallet.

Dialog call

Using Scheduled/Template transactions dialog

Scheduled/Template switcher

Toggle the list to show only Scheduled or Template

Scheduled/Template list

display the list of Scheduled/Template transactions in the wallet.
scheduled transaction are marked with a calendar icon: .

Scheduled insertion

Activate set this template to be scheduled
Next date specify the date of the next insertion, when you first edit you should set it manually, then it is updated automatically. You can of course adjust it later if needed.
Every set the insertion interval to every xx:
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
Week-end define how to manage the post date when it occurs on a weekend:
  • Possible : don't care
  • Before : move to first day before
  • After : move to first day after
Stop after xx posts limit the insertion to a finished count


Add add a new empty template.
Delete delete the active template.
Edit edit the active template.
Schedule display the scheduling option popover of the active template.