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Currencies dialog

The currencies dialog is used to add, modify and manage the currencies available for the wallets.

Dialog call

Using currencies dialog


Update on-line Trigger an update exchanges rate on-line. This is disabled when you only have a single currency.
 Please see the additional notes below

Currencies list

display currency ISO code, name, symbol, exchange rate and last modified date


Add open a dialog to add a new currency
+ see the notes below.
Edit open a dialog to edit the selected currency
Delete delete the selected currency
Set as base set the selected currency to be the base currency

Notes: add a currency

- you can pick up new currencies from the official ISO 4217 list
- you can define a custom currency for discontinued or cryptocurrency

When you define a custom currency, please take care of the following:
- the Name must be at least 3 chars long
- the ISO code is optional, but you cannot change it easily later on
- the ISO code must be 3 chars long and cannot be the same an existing ISO 4217 one

Notes: Online Currency Update

  This is an extra feature relying on a third party web service.

Your currencies may not be supported:
- as base currency: and nothing will update
- as a target currency: this currency will not be updated

Since 5.7.2: there is a log widget that track call and return of the API for debug purpose.

Compatible APIs

You can change the URL of the API and add a free a paid key into the preferences
Valid URL are so far:
- https://api.frankfurter.app/latest
- http://data.fixer.io/api/latest
- http://api.exchangerate.host/list

Previous used API

- until 5.7: https://frankfurter.app
- until 5.2: https://api.fixer.io, see ⧉ #1785210
- until 5.1.7: yahoo, see ⧉ #1730527