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Split transaction dialog

The split dialog is used to edit,modify and manage the split of a transaction.
The split number is limited to 60.

Dialog call

Using split transaction dialog

split list

The split list shows the split number, Category, Memo and Amount.
 you can use drag and drop to reorder the split lines

Actions list buttons

edit edit the active split line
- remove a single split line
= remove all splits lines

Split line details

Category the category of the split line
Memo the memo of the split line
Amount the amount of the split line
to force a positive amount enter +xxx
to force a negative amount enter -xxx

Split line buttons

Enter the different fields, the add button will be enabled when the amount is different of 0.00

Double-click the split line to edit, then you will get 2 more buttond to Apply, or Cancel your changes

Split information

Depending on the context, the following will be displayed:

Transaction amount transaction amount as a remind
Unassigned remaining amount for the split: transaction amount - sum of splits
Sum of splits sum of every split lines