HomeBank User manual

Action for internal transfer creation dialog

In various situations, but mainly when you add an internal transfer manually, HomeBank searches for transactions that match the criteria (see below) for the target part of the transaction and this dialog will always popup to select the action you want to, including create the target transaction.

In version prior to 5.8, this dialog was only showed when at least one operation was found, otherwise the target part of the transfer was created automatically without any confirmation.
You can change or return to this previous behavior by disabling the option in Transfer behavior section of the preferences.

Dialog popup

Using this dialog

Source transfer

Display the transaction detail that triggered this pop-up

Target association suggested

List the transaction that may be the associated transaction for the internal transfer. A kind of matching rate is also computed.

The matching criteria of transaction are:

Action button area

Use Selection After clicking on one of the target into the list (otherwise this button is disabled), this action will link the internal transfer and the selection as its internal transfer target.
Create New will create a new target internal transfer into the destination account.
(or dialog close)
This will abort the target creation