HomeBank User manual

Transfer selection dialog

The transfer selection dialog is used to choose an action for target creation for internal transfer transactions.

Dialog call

Everytime you are about to add a new transfer, or change a normal transaction to a transfer, or check the internal transfer consistency from the register window, HomeBank will check if there is some existing transaction into the target account that match the source transfer and if there is at least one, this dialog will popup and let you choose what to do.

Using transfer selection dialog

Source transfer

Display the transaction detail that triggered this pop-up

Target association suggested

List the transaction that may match the source transfer you just added/changed to a transfer. A matching rate is also computed.

The matching criteria are:

Action button area

Use Selection After clicking on the correct target into the list (otherwise this button is disabled), this action will link the transfer and the selection as its transfer target.
Create New will create a new target transfer into the destination account.
(or dialog close)
 This will abort the target creation
and insert a normal transaction instead.