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Using the Favorite filters feature

When you start a new wallet, there will be no favorite filter set, you only have the unsaved (default) filter of the window.

Applying a filter consist of select it into the list, save, rename and delete are achieved from the menu of the widget

Create a new filter

You can snapshot the (default) filter you currently use at any time, by using the menu and Save as..., a prompt to name the filter will rise.
Please note that to avoid weird display, only the 20 first char will be displayed into the combobox, but the full name will be as a tooltip.

Edit an existing filter

To alter an existing filter:


In several report windows: statistics, trend time and balance, there is now a tooltip that shows the active filters, as sometimes there are implicit filters you cannot control, and this will help you understand what the results are composed of.
The whole area between Filter and the filter button will show the tooltip if you put the mouse pointer over it.