HomeBank User manual

Using the Vehicle cost feature

An additional capability of HomeBank is to follow the cost of each of your vehicles: fuel consumption and other costs. It will for example display some cost globally and for 100 km/miles, and some other useful information.

Step 1: Create the vehicles categories

Create some categories for each of your vehicle. You can use categories or subcategories as well. Optionally you can set the default vehicle for the vehicle-cost report window from the wallet dialog.

For example, create an 'Audi 80' category:

Step 2: Fill some transaction with vehicle-cost data's

Modify or add some transaction with necessary data for the vehicle cost to work:

d=xxxxxx the odometer at refuel time
ex.: d=92458
v=xx.xx the fuel volume for a full refuel
ex.: v=45.23
v~xx.xx the fuel volume for a partial refuel
ex.: v~15.41

Step 3: View the results into the vehicle cost report

Open the vehicle cost report, select 'Audi 80' Vehicle and view the results.