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Budget Report

The budget report will summarize your running budget and will display its result.
Please refer to the using the budget feature for details on how using this feature.

Window call

Using budget report


Mode Total: will display the total by category for the period
Time: will display the total per month for the period
Type specify the result should be computed for:
  • Exp. & Inc
  • Expense
  • Income
Only out of budget will only show the item that are not on track

Date filter

Range fast select a date with predefined range
From / To specify month-year bound limit to restrict the results to

Tool bar

The tool-bar is the main control of the display. All tool-button have a tool-tip that will help you know what action will be launched when you click on the tool-button. The icon appear or not depending the context.
At the end of the toolbar, there is an export button that enable Result or detail of transaction to copy to clipboard or export into a CSV file


This is the total of columns of the list-view for: Spent, Budget and Decay

Result list / Bar chart

The result list display the computed amounts according to the current selection.

Transaction detail list

The transaction detail list will show every transaction of the selected item in the above result list.
The columns visible in that list are those configured in the account window.
By default it is not visible. Use the tool-bar 'Toggle detail' button for changing this.