HomeBank User manual

Main window

The main window is the basis of most of the HomeBank actions. It is the first displayed window when you launch HomeBank.
Closing this main window will close HomeBank, after a warning if the some unsaved changed are pending..

Drop files

You can drop one HomeBank file at a time(.XHB) to load it.
You can also drop one or several files to import (.OXF, .QFX, .QIF or .CSV).


The menu is the main start point of most HomeBank actions.


The toolbar provides easy mouse shortcut for some of the menu. All tool button have a tool tip that will help you know what action will be launched when you click on the tool button.

Your accounts

This list shows a summary of every active account in the wallet. It can be grouped by:

In the pop menu button, there is a 'Show all' option available to temporary display account excluded of the account summary.

The first column indicate the change made to an account:
= transactions added
= transactions modified

The balance area contains the balance summary of the wallet (all accounts), see this page for details. If the minor option is checked in the preferences, a minor toggle button appear here, see this page for details.

To show/hide balance columns: right click on the knob in the first column header
To open an account, and show its transactions, you can double-click on it, or use the tool-bar, or the menu. If you select and account and open the add dialog, it will preset the add to this account.

When you hover an account, depending on the data available and balance and overdraft/maximum settings, a tooltip will be displayed as follow:

Account Name

last reconciled: the last date this account was reconciled
amount until overdraft (overdraft amount limit)
amount before maximum (maximum amount limit)

Total chart

the total report can display the following, you can select using the gear icon button:

You can define the default period and the X into the preferences and change into this main window when needed.

Depending on the space available, amount and rate are displayed with the legend, also a total balance for the period is displayed. And of course a nice donuts chart !

Time chart

the time report, can display the following, you can select using the gear icon button:

This report also show a forecast, when it is enables and in date junction, see forecast lexicon for more details.

Bottom transaction lists


This list displays the next occurrence of scheduled (automated) transaction and their state, please read the scheduled transaction usage section for more details.


This list display any future transaction, future means date > today's


This list display any transaction in remind status