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Vehicle cost report

The vehicle cost report will focus on your vehicle costs including fuel and repairs. It also display miscellaneous information like fuel consumption and others.
Please refer to the using the vehicle cost feature for details on how using this feature.

Window call

Using vehicle cost report


Vehicle select the category used for your vehicle costs

Date filter

Range fast select a date with predefined range
From / To specify date bound limit to restrict the results to

Tool bar

The tool-bar is the main control of the display. All tool-button have a tool-tip that will help you know what action will be launched when you click on the tool-button.

Global results

Meter the meter of the vehicle
Consumption fuel consumption
Fuel cost cost of the consumed fuel
Other cost the other cost for the vehicle (insurance, repair, ...), which mean the transaction affected to the current vehicle cost category not containing (d=xx v=xx)
Total cost the total cost for the vehicle in the selected period

Detailed results

This is a list-view which contains the detailed date by date refuel done for the selected vehicle.
The list can be sorted, just click into the column title to change the sort order.
At the bottom is the total line, except for price which is the average price by liter.
There is no results for 100 km & km/l until you have at least 2 full refuel in the list.